About the group

Master Climate Solutions Group is a world leader in the production of portable equipments for:
heating, dehumidification and ventilation.

The specific local needs of USA and Canada deserve a dedicated brand, which is MCS.
MCS means: “made for America”.

MCS is a trademarks registered by MCS in USA and Canada and in the most important Countries worldwide.

Master Climate Solutions Group consists now of four entities serving customers worldwide:

MCS Italy

MCS Italy, located in Pastrengo, near Verona, is the important heart of the Group for engineering and manufacturing. It consists of two plants and a network of integrated suppliers, strongly linked to MCS.

A team of experienced engineers work full-time on the design and development of new products. MCS Italy design and manufactures mobile heaters with the utmost reliability and safety standards, according to the most recent and rigorous European Standards and Certification Requirements of the most prestigious Quality Control and Homologation Institutes such as TUV and DVGW.

There are several production lines, each one dedicated to a specific product line. These allow to achieve the highest quality as the workers and the equipment are specialized. Here are the assembly lines for gas, direct and indirect heaters.

All products are packed and stocked in a large warehouse, serving Southern Europe and oversea customers.

MCS Central Europe

MCS Central Europe is both a manufacturing facility and a logistic hub located in Gądki, near Poznań, Poland.

Here is an assembly line for electric heaters of high standards, excellent in performance and reliability. Another assembly line produces universal oil heaters – a good solution for ecology, burning in the cleanest way bio diesel or exhaust oils. Also the big indirect BV heaters are assembled in islands of production.

MCS Central Europe is also the main warehouse of spare parts in Europe. These are promptly dispatched worldwide in order to assist at the best the requests of the after sale service points spread all over the continent.

Thanks to the good geographical location, MCS Central Europe has been chosen for positioning a big warehouse of finished products, serving as logistic hub for North and East Europe.

MCS Russia

MCS Russia is the third entity of MCS Group, located near Moscow. It consists of the commercial office and spare parts warehouse.

Its goal is to keep sales support as well as spare parts and technical service. MCS Russia is serving the huge territory of CSI, Kazhakistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Azebargian.

MCS China

MCS China is the youngest entity of the MCS Group, located in Shanghai, China. The young team is active in sales and after sale support for the customers. It consists of the warehouse of finished products as well as the warehouse of spare parts.

MCS China is also active in the supply of components for the factories of the Group.