BV 470FS indirect fired heater

460 000 Btu/h
Air displacement:
4712 cfm
Fuel consumption:
3.72 gph
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
83.6 x 30.2 x 49.2 inches
Power supply:
230/50 * V/Hz
Rated current:
8.8 A
Thermostat control:
Net weight:
565.4 lb
Flue tube Ø:
8 inches
Blast opening Ø:
4x10.8 inches

* 230/60 available

Main features

Model description

Axial fan
Achieved pressure 100 Pa
Possible connection to an optional room thermostat
Possible connection to 4, 2 or 1 flexible tubes
Possibility of flue gas exhaust
Separate oil burner
Summer-Winter switch for ventilation only
Fuel pre-heating
Electronic flame control with photocell
Fan-Limit thermostat with automatic reset
Limit thermostat with manual reset
Two oil filters: oil pump filter and suction filter
Suction filter with heating option as a standard
High efficiency heat exchanger
Stainless steel combustion chamber
Trolley included
On request: gas burner instead of oil burner


Room thermostat TH 5 with cable
9.84 feet cable - 4150.105
32.81 feet cable- 4161.967
range: 0-36°C, accuracy: ± 1,5°C
Flexible coated tube
Ø 24.4 in. - 24.93 feet - 4031.038
In 24.93 feet hoses first 6.56 feet (black part) are made of a material resistant to 302 °F. Hose binder included.

Other accessories

How it works

Combustion system - air flow


Ventilation of the room
is neccessary to prevent
a deficiency in oxygen supply.

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