How the Valpolicella’s winemakers produce one of the best wine in Italy?

Master dehumidifiers and the wine industry

Dehumidifiers are often used in the food industry for drying fruit, vegetables or seeds. In this kind of production the appropriate humidity and air temperature is very important, and dehumidifiers help to maintain the right conditions. A less known, but nonetheless very interesting and professional application for this type of devices is drying grapes for the production of high quality wine, just like in the Valpolicella wine industry.


Valpolicella is a beautiful land in northern Italy, of five fertile valleys, located between Verona and the lake of Garda. Valpolicella has one of the oldest traditions of winemaking in the world, going back 2.500 years! In fact, as the Roman Army conquered this territory, named at that time Gallia Cisalpina, the Valpolicella fields where already covered by vineyards, and the wine production was already flourishing. The soil here was perfect for vineyards, the climate was mild due to the proximity of the Garda lake, and natural caves were available for aging the wine.

Today, Valpolicella area is still a landscape of beautiful hills covered by perfect vineyards, rose flowers and several “Cantine”(wine factories), manufacturing high quality wines that are appreciated worldwide.

Three types of grapes are mainly harvested in Valpolicella: Corvina, rich in colour and body, Rondinella, rich in perfume, and Molinara, with a fresh acidic touch. Blending the juices of these grapes in different proportions, the wine experts create the best wines, perfectly balancing taste, perfume and freshness.

In 25 centuries, Valpolicella winemakers have developed a special way to produce the wine.


During the vintage, the grapes are separated: some grapes are harvested and pressed immediately to create the must. Other grapes, the best ones, are harvested but kept unpressed. These grapes are laid over wooden grids and then placed in dry and ventilated places, normally underneath the tile roofs of wine factories. These grapes are dried for several months before being pressed. During these months, the loss of humidity improves the sugar content in these grapes. In addition, positive and unique moulds develop new precious flavours within these grapes.

Today, in the modern wine industry, Master dehumidifiers help the nature to control this critical, long drying process and assure that the level of humidity is perfect in order to achieve the best combination of sugar and taste.

Once the fermentation of the first must is terminated, the dried grapes are pressed to obtain new juice. The new juice is mixed with the previous must, and a new fermentation begins naturally, enriching the must with new alcoohl and taste. The wine produced with this complex technique is known as “Valpolicella double fermentation” or “Valpolicella Ripasso”.

Dried grapes can also be used alone to produce wine. In this case the wine is even stronger and more tasty. Two high-level wines are produced with this technique: Amarone and Recioto.

- Amarone is a red wine with superb and complex taste, achieved thanks to the drying and aging process of all the grapes. The alcoholic content is high, due to the high sugar content in the must. This is one of the best Italian wines, sold for about 100 Euro a bottle.

- Recioto is a flavoury sweet red wine. Recioto comes from the same dried grapes as Amarone, but the mustification is artificially stopped earlier, decreasing the temperature. This causes only a part of the sugar to transform into alcohol. Consequently, the wine has higher natural content of sugar, making Recioto one of the most elaborate dessert wines on the market, with prices up to 80 Euro per bottle.

Thanks to the modern solutions and devices of today, such as Master dehumidifiers, wine production is much easier. At the same time, it remains at the very high level of sophistication, and the wines produced are of best quality.

Master professional dehumidifiers are used during the wine production to dry grapes and then to control the climate in the basement where the wine ages in barrels.

Master professional dehumidifiers are characterized by high capacity, durability and effectiveness. They may be used continuously, even in very harsh conditions. Fully automated control system, built-in hygrostat and water tank make the operation very easy.