XL 61 oil fired infrared heater

58 000 Btu/h
Tank capacity:
Rated current:
Fuel consumption:
Packaging dimension (l x w x h):
2.9 gallons 1 A 0.38 gph 24 x 16 x 23 inches
Thermostat control:
Power supply:
Net weight:
Shipping weight:
optional 120/60 V/Hz 42 lb 46 lb

Main features

Model description

Radiant heating
No air flow
Low noise
Electronic flame control with photocell
Possible thermostat control: digital or analog
Standard oil level indicator
Strong and long lasting construction
Suction filter and inlet filter
Overheat thermostat
Anti tilt switch


High efficiency
Easy to operate
Great mobility
Fast heat-up
Low energy waste


Trolley - 4201.159

Room thermostat TH5 with cable
10 feet - 4150.109
33 feet - 4150.112
Digital thermostat THD with 33 feet cable - 4150.113

How it works

Radiant heating - air flow
T Ambient 68°F
2 feet - 230°F
3 feet - 122°F
5 feet - 68°F


Ventilation of the room
is neccessary to prevent
a deficiency in oxygen supply.

Useful links

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Trouble shooting
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Tips and tricks

Where to use

Space heating of small and medium spaces Open and windy spaces Storage rooms

Renovation and construction sites Workshops Open and half open spaces Tents