Manner of using dehumidifiers

The main operation principles of compressor-based condensation dryers:

such devices are meant to be used indoors (with closed doors and windows),
minimum distance from walls should be observed (usually 0.2 - 0.5 m),
placing the device in the centre of a room improves its efficiency,
do not place the dehumidifier near any heat sources,
do not place any object on the device,
do not cover the air inlet or outlet,
use the dryer within the temperatures specified in the manual,
most devices should be stored and transported in the same position in which they are operated,
achieving the air parameters with a dew point below 2-5°C is not possible.

The figure below shows the correct operation of condensation dehumidifiers.

Operation of a condensation dehumidifiers.

Basic principles concerning operation of adsorptive dehumidifiers:

these machines are meant to be dehumidify air in closed rooms,
it is possible to use the dehumidifier in the dehumidified room or outside the room,
remove humid air through ducts outside the dehumidified room,
use the shortest ducts possible,
use ducts made of stainless steel,
do not cover air inlet or outlet.