MCS milestones

The heritage of Master goes back to the early sixties when the company Desa created the first Master air flow heaters in the United States of America. Year after year, Desa grew worldwide expanding in other countries and opening manufacturing and sale facilities abroad. In March 2011 Desa changed its name into Master Climate Solutions enhancing at the same time its dedication to the climate and the priority of the brand Master.

2015 - New factory

MCS Italy moves into the new place – with bigger production hall and offices

2015 - Intelligent Heater

MCS introduces MH 500IQ heater dedicated to hard conditions workers in severe mountains climate: -40°C and 3000 meters above sea level

2014 - Energy Revolution

Battery-powered Tundra extends the range of Master portable gas heaters

2014 - Twin Heating

MCS launches the first direct twin construction heater with one control panel and fuel tank

2013 - Materials upgrade

MCS introduces to the offer the first heavy duty dehumidifier - with rotomoulded plastic casing

2012 - Easy Outdoor

Master XL 6 complements the range of infrared oil heaters – compact and easy to transport

2011 - New company name

Desa changed name into MCS - Master Climate Solutions

2007 - New factory in China

MCS develops the first production lines in China

2000 - New factory in Italy

Desa Italia establishes its plant in Pastrengo, near Verona

1998 - New factory in Poland

Desa Poland was established in Poznań to serve Central and South East European countries

1954 - Company foundation in Ohio, USA

The first air flow heater was introduced into the market