Outdoor events in winter - how to keep warm

The New Year and Christmas season is the time of many meetings, holiday fairs, concerts and parties. Although the weather is usually chilly, many such events are held outdoor or under tents. Organizers of such events have lots of details to take care of, among others heating of such facilities.

The proven solutions of this problem are mobile heaters. These devices are very easy to use, very economical and, more importantly, do not require complex installation. They are fast and easy to use, and thanks to high output, they meet all the requirements of event organizers.

Most often, indirect oil heaters are used in these situations. An important feature of these devices is that the heat they generate is 100% pure, which means they can be used in facilities with people inside. Warm air is transported via flexible hoses that are often additionally fitted with diffusers. The device itself is often placed in a safe distance, for example behind the stage or tent. For large events, external high capacity fuel tanks are often used, but heaters of this type (that is less than 81 KW output) have a built-in fuel tanks which is more than enough for heating smaller areas for a short amount of time.

Indirect oil heaters can be divided into two groups: with less than 81 kW output, and up to 220kW output. The largest devices often have 4 hot air outlets, allowing to connect 4 flexible hoses that transport heat to different places.

Devices of this type can be used both for heating indoor and half-open areas. They are often used for heating stages for the performing artists. Based on the demand, hot air is generated by one or several devices placed in different locations. It is worth pointing out that the heat is generated immediately after the device is turned on, which results in high work comfort.

In the event industry, such devices are used both during large-scale outdoor events and during studio recordings (for example, of TV shows) or during company or private indoor meetings such as weddings and other celebrations. They are often used to heat gastronomic tents at various sporting events, or near ski slopes.

The vast selection of mobile heaters includes also infrared oil heaters. These devices are often used in the entertainment industry during moviemaking and photo shoots. Their main characteristics are quiet operation and direct heating of a single spot, which allows to provide heating for a specific facility with no air movement. They are perfect for heating specific places or people during outdoor activities. Similarly to blow heaters, they are easy to install and are ready to be used at any time. They have a built-in fuel tank and an oil level indicator. Large output models for professional applications are available as well as small output models for small facilities.

All portable heaters, as the name suggests, are fully mobile, which makes for convenient usage and allows for broad application. They have been tried, trusted and widely used by the entertainment industry, where many events are one-offs, which asks for a quick and economical heating installation.

Below are selected heater models used in the entertainment industry, based on MCS devices product selection – the leading brand of forced air heaters market: