Unrivalled MCS oil/kerosene heaters created by specialists

Portable oil or kerosene heaters with an exhaust vent find a wide range of applications in various areas, such as the construction industry or agriculture. Therefore, numerous devices of this kind are available on the market. Problems appear when it is necessary to decide which model to choose.

Price differences, unique features, recommendation of friends or a sales assistant are arguments which are most frequently taken into consideration while making this decision. However, it turns out that it is sometimes enough to look more closely at both the obvious advantages and small details which may tip the balance in favour of a given device.

MCS indirect heaters have been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding users. Looking at their external features and technical solutions unusual care of workmanship and their adaptation to work under extreme conditions can be noticed.

Heat upon request

The main asset of these devices is their high efficiency and the possibility of a quick start-up. It is enough to plug the heater in, pour fuel into the tank and, if the device is used indoors, connect a special chimney connection to remove fumes. The machine is ready to operate practically at any time. The two models of this device are available within the power range of 160,000 - 276,000 Btu/h, so everybody will find something for themselves. The manufacturer also offers devices with a power above 460,000 Btu/h.

Heaters with an exhaust vent are equipped with a heat exchanger, owing to which areas are heated with clean and warm air. Combustion products are separated from heated air and removed outside. It gives users a sense of safety and a comfort of use.

A room thermostat regulating the temperature can also be connected to each of these heaters. It makes it possible to automatically control the heated facility and it also limits excessive fuel consumption which may occur when the temperature is not analyzed.

Unique shape of the tank

Few people realize how important the appropriate shape of the tank is. An additional bulge at the front of the heater (above the fuel level) cause the fuel to accumulate at this additional place during transport. It causes the centre of gravity to shift, thus facilitating the transport of the device.

On the other hand, a depression is located at the other side of the tank (below the fuel level) where water and all impurities accumulate. They can be easily removed by unscrewing a screw.

Tanks shaped in this way definitely make MCS space heaters stand out against other heater available on the market.

It is also worth mentioning that heaters are equipped with wheels and a convenient handle facilitating their transport from one place to another. They also have an external oil level gauge, owing to which the fuel consumption can be easily controlled.

Technical improvements

The manufacturer has also introduced typically technical solutions which are helpful not only in everyday use but also during service and maintenance activities. Thus, new models have been provided with more durable and resistant metal braid fuel hose. The fuel filter in a new, transparent case makes it easy to check whether it needs to be cleaned or replaced. All MCS vented models are equipped with a cooling thermostat.

Facing the often difficult decision concerning the choice of a specific model, clients are advisable to ask a specialist about details. Seemingly insignificant features may turn out to be decisive. It also needs to be remembered that often a higher price means higher quality. Products by well-known companies, industry leaders are designed at the top level and one can be sure that their functions and workmanship quality will not be an unpleasant surprise. In the case of MCS portable heaters there is no doubt that care has been taken of even the slightest details of their design.

Fuel filter in the old,
non-transparent case.

Fuel filter in a new,
transparent case.

Additional accessories

flexible hoses for hot air distribution
a connection kit for hot air hoses
room thermostat
fuel pre-heater
stainless steel ventilating hood

Available models

indirect heater BV 170E (47 kW)
indirect heater BV 290E (81 kW)